SEO Development

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

What is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. It is a process by which your website becomes Search Engine friendly. SEO helps the business by attracting huge traffic which is obtained from the ‘Free’, ‘Organic’, ‘Editorial’ and ‘Natural’ search results on the Search Engines. It also helps in increasing the quality and quantity of the web traffic by increasing the visibility of your website or any webpage to user of a web search engine.

Benefits of SEO for the business

  • SEO makes the website more users friendly it leads to better user Experience.

  • Your website is of no use if the potential customer could not find you on the internet. The SEO makes your website bold and unique and helps you to identify the relevant details of the industry or business.

  • SEO also helps in identifying the latest trend in the market and what you need to add in your website and in marketing plan.

  • SEO builds a Brand Credibility, Ranking first, second and third on a search engine give your customer the idea that you are one of the top brands in the industry. It displays your popularity and gain the trust.

  • SEO also helps in building brand awareness; it makes your company a well-recognized brand in the market.

  • SEO increases your follower on social media, when your website start ranking higher on the search engine, more & more people will know about you and as the users will start visiting your website they are likely to click on social media icons and eventually follow you.

  • SEO takes you ahead of the competition that uses tradition way of business.

  • It is yours 24/7* sales force that promotes your brand across the digital world

Our basic SEO service

It is applied is two phase first at the time of creating the website and secondly after the launch of website both the phase are equally important for successfully achieving the business goals.

  1. A)Pre-Launch SEO:

    In order to achieve the targeted goal the very first step is to ensure that your website is built on solid foundation. The website must be optimized in such way that it is reliable and the SEO will ensure that the message and ideas you want to present are directly and instantly sent to the targeted audience. It is very important that your site is build SEO friendly before launch because search engines like Google will start indexing and ranking your website immediately after launch. Hence it is very necessary to complete the SEO pre-launch of a website.

    Such pre-launch SEO task includes
    • Keyword Search
    • Strategy Planning
    • Competition Research
    • Content Optimization
    • Title tag creation & optimization
    • Google Analytics setup
    • URL Structure Configuration
    • 301 redirect implementation
    • Canonical Configuration
    • & more.
  2. B)Post-Launch SEO

    After a successful launch it is not the end of SEO work, rather now it’s a beginning of the crucial SEO task, the post launch SEO is also called as off-page SEO. The off-pages SEO will help make your website popular on internet; it increases the visibility of site on Search engine. It will help to improve your website position in SERP. It is also helpful to ensure the continuous growth and success of your business. Off-page SEO aims at setting goals, settling issues and conducting reviews for expansion of your business.

    Post-launch SEO Techniques
    • Creating Sharable Content
    • Influencer Outreach
    • Backlink Creation
    • Social Media Engagement
    • Contribute as Guest Author
    • Forum Submission
    • Blog Directory
    • Info-graphics Submission
    • Use Google My business
    • Understand Google Analytics.